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Every business should have a marketing plan specifically designed to deliver on its financial targets and business goals. It should be created, and then regularly evaluated, monitored and, if necessary, changed to ensure it delivers the desired results.

For us, a Marketing Plan is an essential working document, not a commissioned report destined to ‘gather dust’ on a top shelf in your office!

It provides a framework, a structure and an organised approach. It defines where you’ve got to and where you are going, in terms of finding and converting business. It’s a springboard for your success. It draws a line in the sand beyond which you will have an action plan for delivering sustained sales success. It creates something that the whole business works together to create and ‘takes ownership of’. It means that, no matter what else is happening in your business, there is an agenda dedicated to winning the sales you need tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

If you have not got one, please get one!

Implementation Packages

Simply because we believe in developing strong relationships with our clients, and as early as possible, we offer a package – usually for an initial three month period – that pledges that we will work with you, firstly on marketing planning, but then in starting to actually implement the plan.

In this way, we want you to start seeing quickly the fruits of the planning we do together, as well as develop trust in us, and in the outside expertise we are bringing to your business.

This initial consultancy develops a close relationship over a short period and offers you an at-your-beck-and-call marketing advisory service on a retained basis throughout the planning process and well into the implementation phase.

Many relationships that start in this way develop into long term relationship’s, once businesses appreciate that energy, dynamism and sheer persistence we bring to the marketing effort, reflected in a ‘can-do’ and highly productive brainstorming atmosphere, designed to generate business.. pure and simple.

Retained Consultant

The businesses that employ us in this way do so for one of two reasons; either they have used us to plan their marketing, get to like us and keep us on, or they recognise an ongoing need for marketing support and prefer to outsource this expertise rather than have an in-house department.

Many of Master of Business’ best clients have employed us in this role, and, through working together, often for many years, we have become their corporate marketing machine – always badgering them about new ideas and new initiatives, always questioning where their next order is coming from and how to secure it!

Ambitious businesses never rest on their laurels. Most of them operate in fast-moving markets. There are Jones’s to be kept up with, and the business that stands still gets left behind!

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