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Sales Training

High Performance Sales Teams

Good leadership inspires performance, good management enables it. Getting the balance right is the secret to building a high performance sales team. Effective sales management training ensures the relevant skills development.

Successful sales team management requires strong interpersonal skills, good business acumen and a firm but fair hand. Every salesperson is an individual and effective sales management training will help you tap into this.

Sales Management Training

Strong sales leaders build high performance sales teams, average sales leaders don’t. Effective sales management training & development provides management skills that turn average sales leaders into strong sales leaders.

Only results count, however it’s easy to lose sight of this when facing the day to day challenges of sales team management. Master of Business provides results driven sales management training that helps transform sales team performance.

Sales Management Development

Master of Business provides sales management training & development services using proven sales management skills models. These are ever evolving approaches focussed firmly on inspiring and driving sales team performance and are based on extensive experience gained from a series of senior sales leadership, coaching and mentoring roles.

Sales Transformation

Change of this nature will never come easy as people will naturally revert to comfort zone defaults under pressure. Sales coaching is not only about establishing a far more consultative sales technique, it’s about sustaining it.

Coaching technique is critical to the transition from the considerably less effective traditional sales methods to the far more successful truly consultative sales approach. Master of Business delivers sales coaching that transforms teams.

Transition to Sales Management

Effective sales team management requires a high degree of self-awareness with leaders recognising that their own attitudes and behaviours will significantly influence team attitudes and behaviours - for better or for worse. Successful salespeople do not make natural born leaders and many will struggle without appropriate sales management training & development.

Sales Negotiation

Many sales prospects will initiate price negotiation tactics once they suspect they may need your services. Dangerous ground until your potential value contribution to their business has been fully established and appreciated.

Effective sales negotiation training helps salespeople progress step by step towards their goals. Significant sales performance improvement can be achieved by strengthening both sales qualification and Sales negotiation skills.

As with many skills timing is critical in our sales negotiation strategies. But we also need to separate “price negotiation” from “non-price negotiation” and know when it’s best to invite or enter into either and when to strongly resist.

Non-price negotiation relates to every time you are looking for commitment for anything not directly related to price. This could be a slot in a key players diary, an introduction to his boss or some information you need.

Win / Win Negotiation

Effective sales negotiation training will give us the skills to engineer win / win outcomes. If we can’t create a win / win, then better to walk away early than sign a bad deal. Master of Business provides powerful sales negotiation training with skills, strategies, techniques and tactics for intelligent and well timed use throughout the sales cycle.

Step by Step Progress

Every time a prospect asks for something represents an opportunity to ask for something in return. Used intelligently, with sensitivity and a good sense of timing, non-price sales negotiation tactics are a valuable tool.

Sales negotiation strategies should look to gradually build commitment that progressively strengthens our position and our credibility.

Motivating Sales Performance

Sales incentive schemes are often an afterthought and this is a tragic waste. If well aligned with company goals they serve to motivate behaviours that drive sales growth as well as helping to attract and retain the best people.

Good sales incentive plans are transparent striking a balance between corporate and individual interests. But some plans are so complex that few can understand how they work and this is simply counterproductive.

Missing a Motivation Trick?

Sales incentive plans are an underrated but absolutely critical element in motivating sales performance. To get the best from your people and drive sales growth it could benefit you to take sales compensation schemes seriously.

Good salespeople will always find the path of least resistance to most personal reward. This is a healthy sign in a hungry salesperson and companies can leverage it well by ensuring close plan alignment with company interests.

Win / Win Sales Incentive

Many schemes produce an imbalance that impairs instead of motivating sales performance. Perhaps it was put together in a hurry, as an afterthought or is a “patched up” legacy model. However it came about, a poorly designed scheme will do more damage than good and creating a win / win situation should be an early priority in any push to drive sales growth.

Simple is Effective!

Developing sales compensation plans is often seen as a chore rather than a way to drive sales growth and they receive far less attention than they merit. The principle is simple - the more the company benefits, the more the salesperson benefits. Master of Business helps devise sales incentive plans that are effective in driving the right behaviours and motivating sales performance.

Avoid Death by Comfort Zone Selling

Consistent top sales performers employ a solid sales methodology to bring objectivity to their selling strategies. They take a pragmatic view, avoiding the comfort zone selling practiced by their less successful counterparts.

Recognising and acting early on negative indicators can turn a potential lost opportunity into a win. An effective sales methodology with sales opportunity planning at its core helps you remain objective and ahead of the game.

Sales Opportunity Planning

How can anyone possibly hope to get a grip on any major sales opportunity if they don’t use a structured planning and qualification process and how can they hope to secure the business when they have no real grip on it?

Trying to win major opportunities without effective sales opportunity planning is slippery stuff, a bit like trying to climb a steep mountain glacier in worn tennis shoes! Effective salespeople plan their opportunities and work their plan.

Address the Cause

Erratic forecasting and disappointing results are symptoms of poor sales opportunity planning. Employ the right sales methodology to develop your selling strategies and you stand a far better chance of sustained success. Master of Business offers a proven sales methodology that delivers pragmatic objectivity to improve sales skills and performance.

Tackle the Negatives

Sales opportunity planning should naturally serve to highlight where our strengths are. However to be effective, it must also highlight our weaknesses - what we still need to know, what we need to act on and what we need to address if we are to secure the business. It should be our window into the customers' mind and the basis for our selling strategies.

Value Based Selling

The customer projects behind our major sales opportunities need a strong business case to secure funding. The perceived balance of pain, risk and reward are the value based selling indicators any sales coach should drive focus on.

If the balance is right and logic prevails the project should gain funding. If not chances are greatly reduced and salespeople may find themselves after another wild goose over a very long and unrewarding chase! Sound familiar?

Sales Strategy Development

CEOs used to be able to agree major contracts on the golf course with nothing more than their ego’s to justify the decision. Like it or not, those days are gone and effective sales strategy development is again key to sales success.

This means we need to dig wide and deep to uncover and leverage the key motivators and inhibitors behind any major buying decision. A good sales coach ensures a relentless focus on such key elements of value based selling

Sideline Your Competition

Your potential customers are too canny to be impressed by any generic sales pitch highlighting features and benefits. By investing in a sales coach you can take the first step towards truly differentiating your approach. A Master of Business sales coach helps you sideline the competition by combining value based selling techniques with a consultative sales approach.

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